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Learning Disability 

Assessment, Supervision, Education, Consultancy.

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Briony Caffrey

Briony is an expert dietitian passionate to reduce health inequalities experienced by people with a Learning Disability and / or neurodivergence. Founder and Chair of the British Dietetic Association, Learning Disabilities Group. Educator, researcher and author.


Dedicated to implementing the Mental Capacity Act in practice, addressing complex communication and diagnostic overshadowing, taking a person-centred approach and enacting reasonable adjustments to deliver effective dietetic care which improve health outcomes.

An extensive history of working with people who have a learning disability and / or neurodivergence, their family and support networks. Driven by empowering approaches to improve nutritional intake and health.

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Healthy Morning




Dietetic assessment working directly with the client and/or with family & carers to assess anthropometry, biochemistry, clinical presentation, dietary intake, environmental, emotional and behavioural factors. Here we explore medical history, sensory processes,  patterns, routines and behaviour. Collaborative plan development.


Education & Training

Specialised resource, education and training development for families, social care teams, medical & health care professionals and wider stakeholders.



One-to-one supervision with dietitians wanting to up-skill and build confidence in their dietetic management addressing key factors such as the Mental Capacity Act, Equality Act, complex communication and diagnostic overshadowing, to ensure improved health outcomes.



Expert advice, grounded in evidence based research and national guidance, utilised in service and policy development.



Development & delivery of British Dietetic Association course on Capacity Assessments regarding diet, weight & health 

2023 - present

Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner in Learning Disabilities

2023 - present


Guest lecturer at Winchester University 

Research project improving food provision in Learning Disability Residential Home 

2022 - present 

Founder and Chair of The British Dietetic Association, Learning Disabilities Group


Speaker at Royal Society of Medicine event 'Physical health in people with intellectual disability'


Shortlisted for the British Dietetic Association 'Raising Star' award


British Dietetic Association Podcast 'Weight management for people with learning disabilities'

2020 - present

2020 - 2023

Teaching with the British Dietetic Association 

Development & delivery of dietetic content for HEE Learning Disabilities Advanced Practice and Medics course with Edgehill and Cumbria Universities 

2015 - present

NHS Specialist Learning Disability Dietitian

Healthy Food


"Briony was clear, related well both to parent and young adult (even though done remotely) and worked within required time frame."


“A very practical session, I have implemented the new ideas already. I have increased my knowledge so much, from one session. Receiving the summary document from Briony after the session was really useful too."


"We have met Briony online twice. Once for an initial assessment. Once for an hour long meeting. She was excellent through both meetings."


"Having the pre-meeting to confirm the focus of the session and receiving the summary document, to complement my notes. No changes, other than I would have focused on taking fewer notes if I had realised how comprehensive Briony’s notes would be."


"Briony was very friendly, easy to talk to. Listened well and gave appropriate advice. Didn't feel rushed and felt like she really cared and wanted the best for us."

Publications & Courses

Evidenced history of developing and delivering nutritional curriculum & education for a range of professional bodies including the Royal Society of Medicine, Royal College of Physicians, British Dietetic Association, Health Education England, Edgehill, Cumbria and Winchester Universities.

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Conference presentation

Dietetics Today. November 2021. Weight management for people with learning disabilities

Dietetics Today. June 2020. What do dietitians need to know when seeing a patient with a Learning Disability?

Health Education England. Real-Life Stories 

Livewell South West. 2018. Diet, Nutrition and The Obesity Toolkit’

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